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Martin "Indiana"
Alto Saxophone

Serial Number - 50080 - 1954-55

No longer available.

This is one of the nice Indiana's [why in heaven's name did I put an apostrophe there?]: adjustable right-hand thumbhook; streamline or heart-shaped (sort of) left-hand thumbrest.
The Indian (Native American) engraving is a classic from the days of American Brass.

Original lacquer.
Neck has serial number matching the body.
I've gone over the horn and replaced pads and corks as needed. It is in very good playing condition.
Doesn't have the ergos of a modern Selmer clone, but it has unsurpassed tone/timbre. Very vibrant and lively.

Comes with the original case...solid but the lid is come off the accessories compartment inside the case.

Martin Indiana Alto Sax


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