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"The Martin Alto"
Committee III

Serial Number 198841 - 1956


These Martin Altos are often associated with Art Pepper. Below are some images of Art Pepper with one.

This horn is in very good condition. I am guessing it has been relacquered, mainly because the lacquer is not as dark as I would expect it to be. But the engraving is sharp, not washed out like some horns that have been heavily buffed. I don't see any lacquer on the fingertouch pearls, etc.
And when it comes down to it, The Martins with their thick-walled, soldered-in tonehole chimneys can stand up the buffing process without as great of negative effects as horns with drawn toneholes like Conns and Bueschers.

The horn has a mix of pads, all look to be in good condition. I replaced the low D# and low C pads and have checked the horn over closely and made any necessary adjustments and regulated it.

You'll be hard-pressed to find a "The Martin Alto" Committee III in this condition for under $1000.

This Martin comes with a solid, hardshell rectangular case in very good condition.
The price does not include shipping.

"The Martin Alto" (Comm III)


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