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Claude Lakey
New "Apollo" Gold-plated Brass
Tenor Mouthpiece

7* - I measure it at a 0.113 inch tip opening.
The Lakey website says a 7* is 0.110".
I don't much care as long as they are consistent...know what I mean?
I measure the facing to be 22mm long.

SOLD - NOV. 2017

May, 2012...I got a Lakey Apollo ALUMINUM 8* (0.120") mouthpiece in stock.
And an aluminum Lakey Apollo Alto mouthpiece as well.

April 18, 2012 - The most recent Lakey Apollo mouthpiece I got in has a clear bite patch instead of the green one.
The facing and chamber are unchanged.
I took a couple of snapshots (HERE'S ONE and HERE'S ANOTHER) which I have added to the bottom of this page.
John Morrison at Claude Lakey said:
"Yes, this is going to be a permanent change. At the end of the year we're going to be switching to a tooth guard patch that players can replace themselves."

They were having problems with consistency on the color of the green tooth patch and it was particularly labor-intensive. They have consequently moved to this clear patch. At the end of the year (2012), they will be changing the top of the mouthpiece so that there will not be a recessed area for the toothpatch. The bite patch will simply be surface-mounted on the smooth beak of the mouthpiece. There is no change to facing and chamber.

Also worthy of interest, Morrison went on to tell me that they will be making a new hard rubber mouthpiece. The ebonite material will be a new formulation, different from the current black Lakey mouthpieces. I am not sure what the composition is of the current black Lakey mouthpieces, but they feel very light to me.
The facing and chamber of the new ebonite mpcs. will be highly similar, if not the same, as the metal Apollo mouthpiece.
I asked if it would be manufactured on the same high end multi-axis CNC machine as the metal Apollo mouthpieces and he said yes. They should consequently be highly precise and consistent.
He hoped to get some trial HR mpcs. out to dealers this summer, prior to the official introduction prior to Autumn 2012.
Rest assured I will take photos and do a write up.


This is a great-sounding mouthpiece.
Easy to play, great balance of darkness and projection...with a good solid core, yet somewhat spread.
This mouthpiece can handle a lot of air. You can play it really loud without the tone breaking.
Intonation is good for most players/horns and the timbre is consistent over a broad dynamic range, loud to soft.
This gives you a lot of what the Wanne Durga gives you at about 1/3 the price.

This mouthpiece is made in the U.S.A....Arlington, Washington to be specific.
These Lakey Apollo mouthpieces are CNC machined in a shop which also supplies precision parts for Boeing Aircraft.
They use high end equipment with superlative quality control.
These mouthpieces are fabricated from 360 alloy brass round bar stock.
They have substantial mass. Using my postal scale which is supposedly accurate to 0.2 ounces, this goldplated tenor mouthpiece weighs in at 5.4 oz. (for my metric friends, that converts to 153 grams).
This contrasts with a modern Otto Link STM metal mpc. at 3.6 oz. or
a Berg Larsen Stainless Steel tenor mpc. at 3.2 oz.
While I was in the mood, I weighed an older Berg SS, one with an "offset M", and came up with 3.6 oz.

Development of these metal mouthpieces commenced in 2003 by Nick Bogden when he was General Manager of the shop where they are now made.
Three respected saxplayers (Jeff Kashiwa, Norbert Stachel, Justo Almario) were selected to work with the development of the mouthpiece design.
After five years the design was perfected and brought to market.

The mouthpieces are regularly playtested as they are produced to ensure that quality standards are maintained.
While these metal Apollo mouthpieces are completely different than the original Lakey mouthpieces they equal them in ease of play and great projection.

You can see that I put a Rovner ligature on it.
Why a Rovner? Because it doesn't scratch up the mouthpiece and I wanted to keep this one lookin' purty.
You can see that a Rovner HR alto ligature fit well.
I assume any of the Rovner "1RL" ligatures will fit.
If memory serves, the "2R" and "2M" sizes did not fit.
[A Rovner ligature is NOT included in the $225 price, though I can supply one at an additional cost.]

I hope to get a sound sample up in the sweet by and by.

Lakey Apollo Brass Tenor Mpc.

New, Clear Bite Patch, April 2012, Shown Below


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