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King Vox Ampliphonic
Octavoice I - "Clarinet"
Octave Divider


Vintage effects on a budget.
Add one octave up or one or two octaves down to your reed instrument. The box is labeled "Clarinet" but it works find on Sax.
Striving for that Eddie Harris electronically enhanced sound.? This little unobtrusive (small) unit may be just the ticket.
Small enough to clip to your belt on hang on your sax bellkey keyguard without looking hugely geeky.
Takes a 9-volt rectangular batter (not included). 1/8" jack input, 1/4" jack output.
The "Instrument" switch allows the unmodified sound of the horn to pass through the box (or not).
"Oboe" is one octave up.
"Bass" is one octave down.
"Contra Bass" is two octaves down

A quick test shows it as functional. I got feedback on the "Oboe" setting, but the speaker was just a couple of feet from the sax. I assume that with better seperation it would not be a problem...but that is an assumption. And, to my way of thinking, the lower octaves are where the fun is at.
I tested it with the Schenklaars (Keilwerth) "Concord Artist" Tenor Sax.
Essentially using this Pickup and Cord.
And this Pickup port and plug.

King Vox Ampliphonic Octavoice I


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