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Holton Bari Sax
Model 215 - "Revelation"
Made in Elkhorn, Wisconsin

Serial Number 117726 - Manufactured 1935

The last picture shows the Holton case outside the front of the shop in the sun...trying to air out the musty smell.
Engraved on the bell is "Revelation" which might be considered an alternative model name to the model number "215".
Instead of having a bar in the back of the stack keys, the bar is located under the keys.
Note the odd ferrule on the neck, located on the octave key side of the neck cork. I am guessing it might originally have been set up to take a Holton corkless mouthpiece or a Holton removable neck cork???
I'd show pix of these, but I gotta get to work.

Despite the dark color of the lacquer, the lacquer overspray on the leather pad edges, and the legibility of the engraving, I think this is a relacquered horn for the following reasons:
1) It is just too dang pretty for a 1935 bari.
2) The engraving is not 'crisp'.
3) The lacquer job does not seem as professional as a factory job.
4) Resoldered post at the top of the horn.

I am trying to do an appraisal on this horn. Not a lot of comparable Holton baris out there for pricing info.
Feel free to render unto me your opinions or questions.

And...wait for it...here is the trifurcated octave pip.

I am such a DunderHead! This horn truly is a Revelation. I sat there staring at the octave mechanism for at least 15 minutes before it dawned on me that it has THREE OCTAVE KEYS. I mean...I saw each of the three keys, but I never did the simple act of counting to realize there are three. Go figure. The Low octave key is open for D (bottom of lower stack) through G at the bottom of the upper stack. The Medium Key is open from A in the upper stack to C#. And finally the High octave key is open from D and up. Bingo Bongo.
In addition to the hyperlink in the second sentence of this paragraph, the 3 octave keys are highlighted in the last photo below.

A correspondent has one of these Holton Baris and says: "I like how you can play D in three different ways."

Holton Model 215 Bari Sax


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