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Eddie Harris
Reed Trumpet Mouthpiece

I measure the tip opening to be a whopping 0.092"

Not for sale.
I have this webpage up for informational purposes only.

June 27, 2011 - There is a genuine Eddie Harris Reed Trumpet Mpc for sale on eBay.

The mouthpiece is shown in some of the pictures below with a Bb clarinet reed.
With a tip opening about twice as large as a clarinet, don't expect it to play with the same strength reed you might use on clarinet or soprano.

Here is a link to Eddie Harris Tenor Sax Mouthpieces.

And here is a link to EddieHarris.com
If you click on the "Music Room" once and then click on it again, you can then click on "Recordings".
Two of the recordings are streamable. I recommend listening to the second from the bottom, "Eddie Sings the Blues".

And HERE is Casa Valdez' Eddie Harris webpage.

And, here is Eddie playing reed mouthpiece on trumpet.

Eddie Harris Reed Trumpet Mpc


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