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Eddie Harris
Tenor Sax Mouthpiece

Marked "A102", I measure the tip opening at 0.082"

Not for Sale
It is too cool.

To check out the "Product Specialist" playing this mouthpiece, click the "Play" button below (recorded May 21, 2010):

I now also have in the shop an Eddie Harris A103 tenor mouthpiece in addition to the A102 I got some time ago: There's not much difference in the tip opening measurement. I measure them as follows:
A102 - 0.083"
A103 - 0.086"

There may be differences in the baffle and chamber size.

In the second group of photos below, it is easiest to notice is that "Eddie Harris" stamp appears lower, on the shank, of one mouthpiece and higher up, on the body, of the other mouthpiece.

In the second group of photos, you can see the two Eddie Harris mouthpieces in the center compared to a Berg Larsen on the left and an Otto LInk on the right. The Eddie Harris mouthpieces are longer and more slender. They have a small chamber which may mandate their being longer.

Looking closely at the mouthpieces in person, you can see zigzag mill marks on the tables. Not sure if you can see them in the photos.
Looking at the baffle and chamber you can see some good quality handwork.

Here is a link to a Eddie Harris Reed Trumpet Mouthpiece.

Here is the link to EddieHarris.com

Eddie Harris Tenor Sax Mpc.


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