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Dolnet "Jean Cartier"
Tenor Saxophone

Serial Number 74707C


First off...the appearance of this Dolnet just knocks me out. Simply a beautiful horn.
Just a few minor scratches on the bow and elsewhere, but nothing that catches the eye.

It is a stencil, engraved "Jean Cartier" on the bell, but no-one will have a moment's hesitation in distinguishing this as a Dolnet.
I also have its 'little brother', a Jean Cartier/Dolnet alto for sale.

Secondly...it is a great player. I've gone over it thoroughly and it is ready to go.
The pads were like new when I received it and I went over it and replaced a couple that I wasn't satisfied with.
Among others, I replaced the G# pad and while I was at it, I decided to replace it with a black kangaroo leather pad, just to forestall any future tendency of sticking it might develop .

Excellent key action and a dark and husky voice.

compare with this Dolnet at PMWoodwinds.

The case is in excellent shape as well.

Dolnet "Jean Cartier" Tenor


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