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Dolnet M70
Tenor Sax

Serial Number 88303 (1970 - 1980)

February 2012 - Price Cut to $2150

The serial number and the model number is engraved under the low D#/low C keys:
88303 M70

Saxpics - Dolnet

Saxpics - M70

A different M70 for sale, April, 2011

While this Dolnet does not have as good of ergonomics as a Selmer, it does have a complex tone with plenty of power in reserve which would make it suitable for jazz/blues outing where you need to cut through the big band brass curtain or project to the far end of that jazz club without a mic.
The M70 has kept the bigger bore (like Beaugnier) similar to the Selmer SBA.

Original lacquer in very good condition as I hope you can tell from the photos.

here is a photo of Lester Young playing a Dolnet.
And here is Don Byas' Dolnet with the custom "snake" neck octave key.

Dolnet M70 Tenor Sax


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