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Dolnet "Jean Cartier"
Alto Saxophone

Serial Number C6757J


This is a really 'hot' alto.

I count this among the best-looking horns ever made.
I also have its 'big brother', a Jean Cartier/Dolnet tenor for sale.

The rectilinear keyguards and fingertouches never fail to impress.

There are a few small dings and ripples, but nothing that warrants being called a 'dent'.
Most anything I know about Dolnets I got from the SaxPics website. So, rather than cutting and pasting you can click on the link and go there yourself.

This horn has all new pads with brown plastic (nylon?) resonators.
Oftentimes, the plastic resonators are the perfect medium. Where metal resonators can tend to make the sound harsh and rivet pads, without resonators may not have the projection you want. And heck, if it was good enough for the Mark VI.....

This Dolnet has an excellent speaking voice, plenty of bottom-end oomph so that it does get lost in an ensemble setting, yet with the characteristic penetration of an alto sax.

Good, fast key action.

The case is really nice, with the exception of the decal.
I am not going to try removing it.

Dolnet Alto Sax


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