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Clarinet Barrels

As of April 25, 2012, I have 14 clarinet barrels in stock. Two Buffet Moenigs, one Buffet Chadash, one regular Buffet, some metal barrels, a Selmer barrel, and others.
I hope to increase the selection over time.

The Moenig, Chadash and Selmer Barrels had a reverse taper.
Here are some bore measurements I took:

Moenig 63mm - Top 14.78mm, Btm 14.62mm
Moenig 66mm - Top 14.91mm, Btm 14.60mm
Chadash 66mm - Top 14.81mm, Btm 14.68mm
Buffet 66.25mm - Top 14.80mm, Btm 14.83mm
Selmer 63mm - Top 14.37mm, Btm 14.24mm

Clarinet Barrels

Chadash Buffet-66mm - $135

Moenig Buffet-63mm - $135

Moenig Buffet-66mm - $135

Buffet-66.25mm - $90

Selmer - $90

Metal Barrels -

Miscellaneous -

Starret Gauges for measuring the bore.


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