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Bundy Tenor Neck
H & A Selmer Tenor Sax

383xxx serial number horn - 1983 (Right after the Selmer buy out of Buescher)


Looks like the octave key saddle was dented into the neck at some point. Assumedly the saddle was unsoldered, the dent lifted, and the saddle resoldered.
Other dentwork is apparent, but the neck brace does not look to have been dented into the neck at any point. That'd indicate no pull-down and that the neck retains its original geometry.
Lots of pictures for you to peruse.

Price does not include shipping cost.
Sold on a no returns basis unless prior arrangments have been made.
H&A Selmer engraving

Here's a modern production Bundy neck for sale

Bundy (Buescher) Tenor Neck


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