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Super Dynaction
Alto Saxophone

Serial Number 11160 (1964)

This one has been sold, but as of August 2014 I have another really nice Super Dynaction Alto Sax for sale.


Buffet was one of the strongest contenders to the Selmer saxophone juggernaut.
But they ultimately resigned themselves to ruling the clarinet kingdom, leaving the saxes to Selmer.

Some of the innovative features (for the time) which they implemented and which marks this as a pro horn are a linkage between the Low B and the Low C#, holding the C# closed if inadvertantly opened while playing low B or Bb.
As well as a linkage between the thumb octave lever and the C key at the top of the upper stack...improving intonation.

This is a relacquered horn, in great playing condition.
The neck has some ripples from dent removal.

Comes with a Selmer Vanguard case in excellent condition...one of the studiest, classiest cases out there, with a slight modification to hold the horn securely and prevent it from moving around while inside.

Buffet Super Dynaction Alto


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