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"Lyon & Healy"
C-Melody Saxophone

Serial Number 75929 - Manufactured in 1920.

SOLD - July 2010

Offered for sale is a Lyon and Healy "American Professional" C-Melody.
It's a basic Buescher, known for its rugged construction and good intonation, with the addition of several special features.
The overall Gold finish was one of the premium finishes offered by Buescher. After being Gold plated four times, selected areas were hand-burnished to give a mirror finish. The contrast of the velvet overall Gold finish and the brilliant Gold accents is unique and beautiful to see.

It also has concave metal keytouches with heavy burnished Gold, and a custom Gold-plated G# which is larger and more ergonomic than the original
(see photo for comparison) a small round fingertouch.

It has a standard Buescher Serial Number (75929), meaning it was manufactured in 1920.

The pads are in great shape and sealing well. It was professionally regulated with new corks and felts installed. After test-playing, it was returned to its case and has not been played since.
The original case is sturdy but shows some wear.
The neck cork has been sized for a Tenor mouthpiece, but could easily be sanded for a C-Melody mouthpiece.
The tonal character or timbre of the horn is, to a large extent determined by the mouthpiece.

Included with horn is the original mouthpiece, ligature and gold-plated cap. This is a large chamber, small tip opening (0.057")

However, a small to medium chamber Tenor piece with a tip opening in the .070 - .090 range completely changes the character of the horn, giving it a contemporary tone.

The photos clearly show the exceptional condition of this unique horn.
If you are considering a higher-quality C-Melody that will give you years of reliable playing pleasure, you should seriously consider this beautiful instrument.

Buescher "Lyon & Healey" C-Mel

Vintage C-Melody Mouthpiece - Large Chamber


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