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Brilhart Ebolin
Hard Rubber
2* Alto Sax Mouthpiece

I measure this 2* as having a 0.072 tip opening.


This mouthpiece is marked "Hard Rubber" instead of being made from the special Brilhart compound that Ebolins are usually made out of.
The serial number marked on the mouthpiece is: 55181
It has scooped out (concave) interior sidewalls and a round chamber.
It has some scratches on the back of the beak and some on the reed table.
THIS PICTURE shows the scratches on the reed table.
I managed not to get a very good pictures of the scratches on the beak.
If you are considering getting this mouthpiece, you are welcome to drop me a line for additional photos.

Here is a sound sample of this mouthpiece (click the "Play" button) recorded March 4, 2011:

Brilhart Hard Rubber Ebolin Alto


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