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Berg Larsen
"Scoop" Bill
Tenor 95-2-M Mouthpiece

Though stamped "95", I measure this mouthpiece to be 0.097"

SOLD - July 9, 2010

This is a Berg Larsen "Scoop Bill" Mouthpiece.
Not sure how to assign a date to it.
The Scoop Bill has a pronounced upward scoop right behind the bite-plate.
It comes with its original ligature and cap. The tips and rails are in excellent condition.
The bite plate is also in very good condition, with little wear.

Here is the Theo Wanne webpage for Berg Larsen
It appears this mouthpiece is a "Scoop Bill" with the drop-off baffle instead of a bullet chamber.

The facing is designated as:


With the "M" offset to the right.
The "95" indicates a 0.095" tip opening, but I measure it to be a bit larger.
The "2" is the baffle/chamber designator. "0" is high baffle, small chamber, bright. "3" is low baffle, large chamber, dark.
This mouthpiece with the "2" chamber would be relatively dark, but with some "bite".
The "M" indicates a Medium facing length.

As far as playing characteristics:,br> **This Berg is a brighter 2 baffle mouthpiece.
**This is a 4 on the brightness scale ***Brightness scale 1-5 (1=dark, 5=brilliant) ***
**Great control--very easy to play
**Has great edge that could play every situation without a microphone.
Great Big Band piece--good combo piece--GREAT Latin piece

Here is a sound sample of the of this mouthpiece (click the "Play" button) recorded May 21, 2010:

Berg Tenor "Scoop" 95-2-M


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