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Berg Larsen
Stainless Steel
"New Style" 100/2/M Tenor Sax Mouthpiece

Though this is stamped "100", I measure it at 0.091"


I special ordered this mouthpiece from Belgium.
Most of the Bergs I have gotten in the last few months had tip openings that measured over what was stamped on them.
But this one is substantially under.

This "New Tenor" Stainless steel mouthpiece has a straight step baffle instead of the bullet-shaped cutout that may be more familiar to you.
The pro who did the sound sample below, said: "It is totally awesome! Love the step baffle. It's SO much better than the bullets...."

Here is a sound sample of the of this mouthpiece (click the "Play" button) recorded Feb. 22, 2010:

Berg Metal "New" Style Tenor 100/2/M


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