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Berg Larsen
Baritone Saxophone Mouthpieces

$219 - Ebonite
$239 - Stainless Steel

I've found a lot of variation in the tip openings of Berg Larsens. I'm talking about new from the factory.
For instance, the 105/1 SMS ebonite I have here on my desk measures 0.115 inches,
While the 110/0 SMS ebonite right next to it measures 0.113 inches.
That's right, the one designated as the smaller opening is actually larger than the one designated as bigger.

When you buy new Bergs from most, if not all, online discount retailers, they never open the box, much less measure the tip opening or playtest it.
As a consequence, you might order a 105/1 and end up with a 0.115" tip opening.
It won't play like a 105 because it isn't!

So what happens to these mouthpieces?
They get sold and resold and resold again on eBay...over and over.

So...you're right...you CAN buy Bergs cheaper elsewhere.
But you won't know what you are buying until you get it, unless you buy it from someone who has verified the tip opening.

Well, here are some of the Bergs I have in stock, with their tip opening measurements and some sound samples.
Not generic sound samples, but samples of each actual mouthpiece that is here in the shop.

The Stainless Steel 105/1 is not available at the moment, but I have a replacement coming in direct from Belgium.
But nonetheless, I still have a sound sample of it here on my website for you to evaluate.

The purpose of all this is that we here at Doctor Sax were looking for a bari mouthpiece that has a great bari sound, but with enough loudness and projection and edge to be heard in anything from a small combo to a large group...without using a mic and amp.
Whether you are playing latin music, reggae, straight-ahead jazz, whatever...the lower pitch notes can get lost in the shuffle.
If you're standing next to some guy playing trumpet or trombone who can tilt back and let loose and be heard in the back of the room; but you're standing right next to him and your sound gets lost. You should maybe try one of these Bergs.
We're talking about the Pepper Adams, Leo Parker, Ronnie Cuber sort of sound.
As expected, the #1 chamber mouthpieces play a bit darker than the #0 chambers.
The 110/0 HR is an excellent mouthpiece, with many of the attributes we were looking for.
But the 115/0 SS has vast reserves of power in the lower range--meaty, beaty, big and bouncy--good for letting them know you mean business..

So...here are the sound samples. Crank up the volume and hit the "Play" button. (All samples recorded July 28, 2010):

Berg 105/1 SMS Ebonite:

Berg 110/0 SMS Ebonite:

Berg 105/1 SMS Stainless Steel:

Berg 115/0 SMS Stainless Steel:

And while I am at it, below is a sound sample of a
Used Berg 105/2 M Stainless Steel mouthpiece recorded May 21, 2010:

I measured the tip openings as follows:
105/1 SMS Ebonite - 0.115"
110/0 SMS Ebonite - 0.113"
115/0 SMS Stainless Steel - 0.111"
I'll measure the 105/1 Stainless Steel when it comes in.

Below are the pictures.

Berg 105/1 SMS Ebonite


Berg 110/0 SMS Ebonite


Berg 105/1 SMS Stainless Steel


Berg 115/0 SMS Stainless Steel


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