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Berg Larsen
105-2-M Metal
Baritone Sax Mouthpiece

I measure this 105-2-M tip opening to be 0.111"


It comes with its original ligature and cap. The tips and rails are in excellent condition.
The bite plate is also in very good condition, with little wear.

The facing is designated as:


The "105" indicates a 0.105" tip opening, but I measure it to be a 0.111".
The "2" is the baffle/chamber designator. "0" is high baffle, small chamber, bright. "3" is low baffle, large chamber, dark.
This mouthpiece with the "2" chamber would be relatively dark, but with some "bite".
The "M" indicates a Medium facing length.

This mouthpieces comes with original Berg Cap and Lig.

**Beefy Berg similar to Pepper Adamsí sound
**Has some edge--but a large core--with a fair amount of highs--gets a 3.75 on the brightness scale [Brightness scale 1-5 (1=dark, 5=brilliant)]
**Good for big band or other applications where you need to be heard.

Here is a sound sample of the of this mouthpiece (click the "Play" button) recorded May 21, 2010:

Berg Larsen Bari Sax 105-2-M Mpc.


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