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Bajus et Cie
Alto Sax

Serial number - 3508

Here is a " Bajus & Cie" alto sax which is most likely a Beaugnier stencil.
It is a typically very well-made Beaugnier.
It has rolled toneholes, a right-hand high D key, an Eb trill key, articulated G# key ( no disengagement lever ) and the weirdest micro-tuner neck ever seen.
The micro-tuner is really similar to what Conn put on a line of mouthpieces in the '20s with concentric metal tubes that slide back and forth.
It's probably not the greatest idea in the world. There are a good number of things that are apt to go wrong with it and, if it breaks, you can't use the neck anymore.
The serial number is on the lyre holder, just like the Beaugnier "Fabrication Artistique", serial number 3508.
The neck is stamped " Bté SGDG". The "Bté" is short for "Breveté" in french which is akin to a patent.
The SGDG is most likely a standard disclaimer often found just after the "Breveté". It means "Sans Garantie du Gouvernement", in other terms "no warranty by the government!".

The Bell reads:

Bajus & Cie
Avenues le Comte

Avenues le Compte is a town in Pas-de-Calais, a region in the north of France. As is usual, Bajus & Cie was a musical instrument distributer and sheet music editor.
PS. A couple of years back "U.S." was playing a unique Beaugnier (with a rocking octave key) which had rimmed tone holes (not rolled). Maybe the same?

In response to the issue of tone-holes being rimmed, not rolled, the owner replies:
"AND...the toneholes look rolled to me, not rimmed. The are drawn and rolled over, smooth on the inside right around to the lip, no soldering here."

Final comments from the owner:
"Oh yeah...[it does have a]...rocking octave key! This horn has a really cool and totally efficient ( and esthetically pleasing ) rocker arm octave mechanism.
...The keywork is so simply and logically conceived that a 3-year old could figure it out.
...Whoever built this thing was a master craftsman, no doubt about it. The tolerances are measured in nanometers. A totally precise piece of machinery.

Thanks to D.M of Corsica and
P.H. of France and N.J.

Beaugnier "Bajus" Alto Sax


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