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Armstrong 3070B
Baritone Saxophone
Made by Keilwerth

Serial Number - 80293 (1979)

Sold 2011

This horn has a great beefy tone...it'd be ideal for R&B or something that needs a strong bottom end.
The bell is oversized. The bell flare is just under 7 3/4". I can put my fist in the bell way down to the low B.

Oddly, I had the sound samples before the photos. But, as you see, the photos are now below.

You can click on the "Play" button to hear one sound sample:

Or a different sound sample:

There are a fair number of dents and dings and bumps on this horn.
And on the inside curve of the bow, you can see some sort of material used...I assume to seal a crack.
There are photos below, or you can click HERE and HERE to see photos.

Here is an excerpt from the consignor of the bari. He lives up in Northern Wisconsin, in the woods, off the grid:
"One time the wolves were yipping outside and I went out with that bari and played at them.
They always sing high and when I play down to the bottom they went down and answered low twice and then they had enough and left."
So...if the wolf is at your door, this is a proven means of getting him to leave.

Armstrong (Keilwerth) 3070B Bari Sax


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