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Vito Bari Sax Mouthpiece
Customized by Erik Greiffenhagen

"0.105" Tip opening - Erik opened this up to 0.105", by his measure, from the original 0.070"
However, when I measure the tip opening, I get 0.109"
I measure the facing length to be 27 mm.

SOLD - April 2019

In addition to opening up the tip, redoing the curve of the side rails, changing the facing length and leveling the reed table,
Erik also modified the chamber into the double chamber design that he has implemented on the Vandoren V5 Bari mouthpieces.
This modification tames many of the intonation problems inherent with vintage baris, bringing them better into tune.
Starting at the tip and working back, tt has a nice rollover baffle for projection, a shallow "lake" and then is hollowed out just before it reaches the bore, where the neck cork goes.

I managed not to get a good photo of Erik's initials on the shank.

Vito Bari Mpc. - Modified by Greiffenhagen


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