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Selmer Paris
Super Action 80
Serie II
Tenor Saxophone

Serial Number N529580 - 1996


The Super Action 80 Serie II tenor saxophone is the most popular (in terms of production & current use) professional Selmer Paris tenor of all time.
First introduced in 1986, it has the longest running production of any Selmer Paris saxophone model. The Series II is a solid horn no matter how you look at it. The continued demand for this model, and the following this horn has gained, hasn't let Selmer consider discontinuing its production, even after the successful introduction of the Series III and Reference horns.

With a flexible but centered tone that is natural in almost any playing situation, the Serie II enhances the dark, rich voice of the tenor sax.
Yellow brass body tubes and keys resonate across the entire timbre spectrum. Full-ribbed construction gives the horn added durability.
Superior intonation characteristics make this saxophone a natural choice for any professional or serious student.

While some consider the Serie II a symphonic or classical horn, it is also very versatile, especially when customized with the appropriate mouthpiece.
The Super 80 II is still the instrument of choice of many of today's top artists.

This horn is in excellent shape.
I personally took the horn apart; cleaned the body and keys; installed any pads, felts and corks as needed; adjusted and regulated the horn; cleaned and conditioned all the pads; oiled all the keys and recorked the neck.

This horn has the original lacquer. The body is straight. Very slight lacquer-wear, dings and scratches, most especially when you consider it is some 17 years old.
The neck is in good shape, never bent down.
The pads are in great shape. Metal Selmer resonators.

Listing out the few flaws of the horn:
One 'prong' of the neck octave key guide is broken off. I neglected to get a good photo of this, so I intend to add one later.
The left hand thumb rest cover is cracked. I have a new one on order and will replace it this Friday, June 15
Discoloration on the bottom where the bowguard was soldered on at the factory.

The horn comes with the original case, as pictured, which shows some wear, but is very solid.

The price shown is for the horn and case. Shipping cost is extra.

Selmer Serie II Tenor Sax


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