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Selmer - Paris
Alto Saxophone

Serial Number - 198xx - 1934

I am fortunate to have another Selmer Radio Improved sax come through the shop in just the last few months.
The other Radio Improved is HERE.
There were only about 3,000 Radio Improved Selmer saxophones made during just the two years, 1934 and 1935. Of those, only an uncertain percentage remain in existence on the planet, 75 years later.

This one is a very nice relacquer, possibly a factory relacquer. The pads likely date to the time of the relacquer as you can see the rim of lacquer on the pad leather.
It also come with what is likely to be the original case, wooden body plug, lyre and mouthpiece. Remarkable.
The mouthpiece has "table B*" engraved on it. I assume this is the "Air Flow" model of mouthpiece...large chamber, scooped out interior sidewalls, low/nonexistant baffle.
The serial number is right in the midst of the elegant bell engraving. In addition to the serial number on the bell, there is another number (13629R) under the low D tonehole at the bottom of the lower stack. I was told that in the factory the bodies had one serial number and the bells had another. They were mated randomly...so to speak.

Perhaps most notable is the left-hand bell keys.

The first nine photos were taken with the camera on one setting, but the color wasn't right, so I changed it and you can see the color turn more amber/gold in the photos, which is a more accurate representation.

Selmer "Radio Improved" Alto Sax


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