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Selmer Paris
"Jubilee" Serie II
Alto Saxophone

This is the first Selmer Jubilee I have had my hands on. It is in for a couple of new pads.
The most obvious difference is the engraving.
I had read:
"The Jubilee models will be the first to feature the new more elegant engraving from Selmer Paris.
In French Jeweler's traditions, the new engraving is thinner, more elaborate in its covering and design stretching down the bell and onto the bow.
The new engraving also features Henri Selmer's signature on the band connecting the bell and the bow."

Elegant or not, it appears these Jubilees are laser engraved instead of hand engraved. "More elegant"? Maybe so. "French Jeweler's tradition"? I am dubious.
It IS a high-end laser engraving. I have seen cheap laser engraving where it is easy to make out the pixels. If you go to THIS PHOTO and expand it all the way, you can see the nature of the engraving.
I guess I don't have a problem with it. Up close, the "elegance" is apparent. But it might be a little too delicate to be easily appreciated by an audience.
The thing that does give me pause is the engraving on every horn is exactly the same. That is an assumption on my part. I assume it was a financial decision.
Consistency is a great thing, but I wonder if they could program the laser engraver with a variety of patterns.
Let me know if I have missed the boat here.

The first row of photos are examples of different settings on my new camera...trying to get the colors accurate.

Selmer Jubilee Alto Sax


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