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SML Alto Sax
SML - Strasser Marigaux Lemaire

Serial Number 7458 - 1949

SOLD - April 2014

Still getting used to my new camera.

According to this saxpics.com chart, it is a Rev. C model.

This horn has a pivoting plate behind the G# fingertouch that allows you to turn the G# articulation off or on.
The G# articulation is the connection between the G# and the low C# or low B/Bb.

The lacquer has a speckled appearance, but is largely intact.

There has been a repair to one of the two high "D" keyposts.

All new MusicMedic "Precision" pads with brown nylon resonators.
The pads all seal well, the action is crisp and fast...a responsive horn in great playing condition.
This is a darker alto with a solid core sound which packs a powerful punch.

Far from being the prettiest horn, it plays extremely well.
SML's are notorious for their poor lacquer...and the engraving is worn, but I believe that it is the original lacquer and has not been refinished. But there is no definitive ruling on that.

This would be an excellent 'step-up' horn for a student showing promise.
The tone is there.

Comes with the leblanc case shown.
No mouthpiece, strap, etc. included. The stand shown in the first 6 photos also is not included.
Price does not include shipping.

SML Alto Sax



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