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Mouthpiece Cafe
"Primo" - 8
Tenor Sax Mouthpiece

8 - 0.115" - Tip Opening
22mm (44) facing length


The Mpc Cafe Website says:
"The Primo was modeled after one of the very best early 1970's vintage Link. This mouthpiece has excellent projection and a beautiful balance of brightness and edge. The Primo is another great choice for most any setting.
It features a round, medium/large size chamber with a pronounced roll-over baffle that allows it to project with very little effort. It is quite easy to color the tone to your particular taste and we think you will love what we've created with this mouthpiece."


The interior sidewalls of this mouthpiece are concave or scooped out, giving it a large chamber for fullness of sound.
The substantial rollover baffle gives it its projection.

The bottom three photos below show the Primo (top) vs Slant Supreme (top).
The Primo has a bit more of a baffle.
Here is a webpage for the Slant Supreme.

Mouthpiece Cafe "Primo" - 8 - Tenor Mpc.


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