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Otto Link
Tenor Sax Mouthpiece

Stamped "108", I measure the tip opening at 0.110"


The Babbitt website has this to say about the "RG":
"RG by Otto Link
Three Years in the Making

Rocky Giglio, professional woodwind player and 40-year music industry veteran, joined jj Babbitt as Vice President of Operations in 1999. At that time, he was playing a 30-year old tenor sax mouthpiece that had been modified many times over the years by Rocky and others, including the jj Babbitt Company. With the exception of this one mouthpiece, Rocky played exclusively jj Babbitt-made products on his other horns. Being a loyal guy, Rocky felt he should play only mouthpieces made by his company.

Rocky took this dilemma to his long-time friend, Bill Reglein, President/Owner of jj Babbitt. Bill told Rocky he should play what he was comfortable with and that jj Babbitt would make his mouthpiece with all the modifications to suit him. Through the combined efforts of Rocky Giglio and Jim Green, jj Babbitt's Manufacturing Manager, the versatile RG mouthpiece was created. It took three years to design and produce this magnificent mouthpiece and any tenor sax player who tries it is likely to agree the RG was well worth the wait.

RG by Otto Link has many unique features such as a hard rubber tooth protector that runs the full length of the bite with no metal taken off the mouthpiece. Inside, the parabolic-shaped chamber is designed for ease of blowing and projection. The versatility of this mouthpiece allows it to be used for all types of music--from soft and mellow to bright and edgy--depending upon the set up the player prefers. For long-lasting durability, the mouthpiece has a brushed stainless steel finish and is also available with gold plating by special order. RG also comes in a hard rubber model with a more traditional outside shape and the same parabolic chamber concept inside. Tip openings are offered in: .108", .118", and .128".

Trying this mouthpiece will make you a believer! Visit your nearest jj Babbitt dealer to experience the beautiful, functional, and remarkably versatile RG by Otto Link.

The Easy-to-blow RG has a unique parabolic chamber for big, dynamic sound at all projection levels.
A hard rubber tooth protector runs full bite length; the thickness encourages an open embouchure allowing a big sound.
Available in hard rubber or satin stainless steel finish.

As of this writing, I also have the hard rubber "RG" tenor mouthpiece in the 118 facing available.
They describe the bullet-shaped cutout in the baffle as being "parabolic".
It is very similar to a Berg Larsen.

Also shown are pictures of the ligature that shipped with the mouthpiece from the Babbitt.
It is a worthless piece of junk as far as holding a reed onto this mouthpiece is concerned.
Why did they even bother?

Otto Link "RG" Metal Tenor Sax Mpc.


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