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LeBayle "Jazz"
Metal Tenor Sax Mouthpiece

7* - 0.090"
The LeBayle Website says a Tenor 7* should be 0.105", but I measure it at 0.090". That's right, a full 0.015" smaller than it should be.
So...if you are looking for a "6", this may be just the ticket for you.


I really gotta bite my tongue on this one. I am making inquiries to see if I can get some sort of customer service remedy in regards to the tip opening size discrepancy on this beauty. So I am not going to say a whole lot unless I get stonewalled or something.
I just pity the poor schmoo who buys this from WWBW or someplace where they don't even open the box, let alone measure the tip opening.
That is the downside to looking for the least cost option I suppose.
If you did buy it at WWBW, you probably could return it for your money back. But they'd likely put it right back in stock for the next schmoo to buy, over and over again.

Don't get me wrong, it is a great mouthpiece...it just isn't what I ordered.
Sort of like ordering (and paying for) a pint of beer and only getting 14 ounces...know what I mean?

LeBayle Jazz Metal Tenor Mpc.


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