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Vito "Model 35"
Alto Saxophone

Serial Number 2802A


Made in Kenosha, WI...USA
This horn has the "Semi-Rationale" Keywork. All the normal fingerings are the same as every other sax, there are just some alternative fingerings added if you choose to use them.
This horn more closely adheres to the Boehm mode of keywork.
The G key closes two toneholes (I somehow managed not to get a good photo of this), the G#/Ab is on the underside or back of the horn, there is a forked Eb at the bottom of the lower stack, operated by middle right-hand finger.
And oh yes, the High F# situated as a lefthand palm key.

Information about the alternate fingerings, if you choose to learn and use them, can be found on this website elsewhere (e.g. Fingering Chart) and here is a YouTube video about the Vito Model 35 which he calls a Vito Rationale. And finally, here is a page from a sales brochure talking about the Model 35.

The horn came to me with an uncomfortable concave pearl as a replacement for the lefthand thumbrest. I switched it out for a custom-made Vito-style oval thumbrest in faux tigerseye.
I also replaced ten (10) of the pads, about half, using Music Medic Precision pads. It is especially important on this horn that the pads hit the tonehole evenly all the way around. You can't have a cut-rate repair job with too thick pillow pads that hit in the back (pivot side) before the front. It doesn't feel good and requires extra finger pressure to close the pad, which slows you down and encourages leaky pads even if you employ the Incredible Hulk style of playing.
The pads have brown plastic domed resonators.

There has been some dentwork evident in the bow as shown HERE and HERE

The horn comes with the nice Protec gig bag shown. Shipping cost is NOT included in the price of the horn.

Vito "Model 35" Alto Sax


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