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Mouthpiece Cafe Espresso Alto Sax Mouthpiece
Selmer Soloist Shortshank

Here are some photos contrasting a lovely vintage Selmer Soloist "D" with a modern Espresso "6".
The Espresso is on the left in all pictures except the last one.

Here's what the Mouthpiece Cafe Website has to say:
"Like it's big brother, the Espresso for alto delivers a beautiful rich sound that is distinctively different. It combines a slight roll-over baffle, deep floor and a horseshoe chamber that will produce deep lows, powerful mids, and popping highs while never losing its robust characteristics.
Give the Espresso a try. We think you'll find it suitable for any situation!!!"
My daughter will appreciate my pointing out the word "it's" above, should actually be "its" (no apostrophe)

And this is from my website:
"The Selmer Scrollshank Soloist mouthpieces with the short shank are highly sought after...that is to say, expensive.
The Mouthpiece Guys, Brian Powell and Erik Greiffenhagen, have come up with this homage to the Soloist shortshank....their "Espresso" alto mouthpiece.
The knobby shank, the slanted model name on the reed table, the rollover baffle behind the tip, the modified horseshoe throat... and the great, great sound are all testimony to the guys' ability to replicate the vintage Selmer Soloist mouthpieces.
This mouthpiece has lovely, thin rails...excellent handwork.
This mouthpiece works with you to produce an incisive, precise sound with a strong tonal core."

For more pictures, here is a link to the Espresso 5 (sold)
and the Espresso 6. (sold)

One of the most distinctive visual characteristics is the difference in the throat (where shank bore meets chamber).
Shown are the three best photos (2nd row) I was able to take during the short time I had them both.

And here are a few words a long-time client has to say:
"The Espresso has a reasonable shank bore size.
That's notable because all the original Soloist alto short shanks I've encountered have oversize bores.
Also the "Morgan" pieces that the Mouthpiece Guys were making had impossibly tight bore sizes I've had to ream out.
I'm speaking about how those bores compare with ALL the other alto mouthpieces I've known.
So I'm pleased to think the Guys have worked that out.

Mpc Cafe Espresso vs. Selmer Soloist Short Shank


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