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Conn "New Wonder"
Series II Alto Sax

M1880xx - 1926

Sold - Oct. 2012

Instead of the more common silver-plated horn, this one is nickel-plated.
I believe it is the original nickel-plating.
The nickel-plate does not tarnish like the silver finish does. Nickel is a harder material, less susceptible to scratches, resistant to wearing through.
This horn falls into the series known as "Chu Berry". As you see, it has micro-tuner neck, fingernail-file G# touch, and rolled toneholes.

Less than a year ago, the owner paid Ward-Brodt, a local music store, $250 to put it into very good playing condition.
The pads are in great condition.

I took photos of three dents I saw in the horn:
ONE on the body
Another ONE on the body, and
ONE on the neck.

The forked Eb (lower stack) has been retired from service.

This sax comes with a very good condition, green ProTec case with shoulder strap. I don't know if you have priced cases lately, but it is hard to get a decent case under $100.
The ProTec has YKK brand zippers. The cheap cases have lightweight zippers that often fail during the first month or so of use.

And, at this price of $650, the sax also comes with a Selmer S-80 C** hard rubber, made in France, mouthpiece.
The C** has a slightly larger tip opening than the C*.
These sell for around $140 on WWBW.com new.

To recap...shiny vintage sax in playing condition, $250 of recent work. $100+ case. $100+ mouthpiece. All this for $650.

This price does not include shipping cost.

Vintage Conn Alto Sax


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