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"USA" Alto Saxophone


I finished refurbing this sax some months ago and it has been following me around the shop like a favored brass pet.

Disassembled, cleaned, toneholes leveled, new corks and felts, MusicMedic precision pads with brown plastic resonators, keys fitted, adjusted and regulated, and oiled.

Fast keyaction, fairly lightly sprung, very positive horn.

It doesn't have the modern keywork of a French Selmer or modern Asian horn, but it will be an excellent horn for a student who's got down the basics and needs to start working on speed, touch and tone.

My gut feeling is that it was made in Italy, but there are no markings other than "USA BY YORK" and the matching serial numbers on the body and the neck tenon.
If it wasn't made in italy, I would still guess it was made in Europe.
I don't think it was made by York in Grand Rapids, MI.

A couple of photos at the bottom taken while working on the horn.
As seen, the lower stack screw rod comes up from the bottom, instead of down from the top. It made it a little more time-consuming when repadding the lower stack.

"USA" Alto Saxophone


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