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Serial number 190xx - 1934


There were only about 3,000 Radio Improved Selmer saxophones made during just the two years, 1934 and 1935.
Of those, only an uncertain percentage remain in existence on the planet, 75 years later. This lovely example is one of them.
I have photos of another one HERE.
The serial number is right in the midst of the elegant bell engraving.
Oddly, there is another
5-digit number under the low D tonehole at the bottom of the lower stack. I have no idea...if you do, please let me know. With these handcrafted horns there were variations from one to the next. The standardization we have become so familiar with in this day and age, was not evinced in the Selmer factory of the era. Fine craftsmanship however, was de rigueur.

I have to assume this horn has been relacquered. But it is a very nice relacquer. The engraving still looks good, the lacquer color is the proper amber color. It may well be a factory relacquer...no way of telling except in that it was well done. It is just way too pretty to be original lacquer.
The pads do show lacquer overspray around the edges which indicate they date from the time the horn was lacquered.
The pads have large brown plastic resonators. I would call them oversized...that is to say, as large as possible.
The pads are nice and clean, no water spots or dirt. The low D# and the hi F pads, usually the first to go, look just as nice as the rest of the pads.

Here's a YouTube video of Bob Ackerman playing a different Radio Improved Alto.

The bell keys are located on the left-hand side (player's perspective).
The F# articulation arm that links to the G# and Bb bis has adjustment screws.
The G# is articulated to open with the low C# and the low B/Bb like modern horns.
The octave mechanism is of the teeter-totter design but it has gear teeth. Works great and totally cool in a sax geek sort of way.

The horn comes with what is, I assume, the original lyre and wooden body plug
It also comes with the vintage Selmer case as show in the pictures. Again, I assume it is way too nice to be the original case, but is a great authentic Selmer replacement.

This price does not include shipping.

Selmer "Radio Improved" Alto Sax


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