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Selmer Model 55
Bb Soprano Clarinet

Serial Number M75xx - 1945

SOLD - Oct. 2012

This Model 55 has a keywork configuration which is almost full Boehm, but without the low Eb.
The "Model 55" commemorated 55 years of Selmer Clarinets.
It came just prior to the "Balanced Tone" model.
It is a large bore clarinet (.590" or 15mm bore) and has large toneholes making it very free-blowing.

- Excellent condition with no cracks or repairs.
- I believe the keywork is solid silver.
- White kangaroo pads on all keys except Register key and G# (both cork)
- Forked Eb-Bb mechanism.
- Articulated G#
- Also differs from the full Boehm in not having the LH G#
- Original case is in good condition.

Very nice clarinet in excellent physical condition and playing condition.

Selmer Model 55


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