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Selmer 9*
Bb Soprano Clarinet
Full Boehm

Serial number U32xx - 1965

SOLD - No longer available

The Selmer Series 9* clarinets were produced after the Series 9 which, in turn, replaced the "Centered Tone" model.

Up through the Series 9, the Selmer clarinets had large diameter tone holes with no undercutting (straight sided tone holes) and an almost purely cylindrical bore. The larger tone holes do produce a more robust tone, but the twelfths are "short" and tend to be sharp especially when playing pianissimo.

The 9*, as shown on this page, was Selmer's response to Buffet and represented their movement toward reducing tone hole diameters in some areas and introduced undercutting. Undercut tone holes, offer a more flexible tone.

This clarinet is in very good playing condition.

The wood of this clarinet is in excellent condition. No splits, chips or cracks are visible in the wood.

Fork Eb/Bb, LH Ab/Eb, articulated C#/G# and range down to low Eb.

At this price ($1450) this horn comes with a Portney BP02 mouthpiece as shown in the photos.
The case (original and in good shape) is also included.
The price of the clarinet does not include shipping costs.

Selmer Series 9* Full Boehm


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