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Sax Gourmet
Alto Sax Neck


Steve Goodson is selling these alto necks for $200.
His website says:
"This is our very finest alto neck.
The tube is made from hand hammered and hand burnished 100% copper, and is of a very unique taper designed to minimize resistance and maximize multiple rich overtones.
The body of the neck features our exclusive Nodal Weights, which assure eveness of response and voice in all registers.
The mechnism is underslung, and the tube is beautifully hand engraved.
The tenon size is 24.5mm, and this neck works beautifully with Selmer, Yamaha, Yanigasawa, Saxgourmet, and many other brands."

I measured the tenon and also came up with 24.5mm.
Additionally, it also fits and plays well in the Buescher Top Hat and Cane Alto Sax.
I thought the Buescher took a larger neck tenon, but I guess not.

I have just this one SaxGourmet neck.
This price does not include shipping.

Saxgourmet Alto Sax Neck


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