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Peter Ponzol
Tenor Saxophone Mouthpiece
"Vintage 105"
Stainless Steel


Baffle brought down slightly by the step or dropoff and built up right behind the tip.
But perhaps most importantly the is a subtle depression or "lake" in the middle of the baffle. I had trouble photographing it clearly, so I drew an arrow showing it HERE.
I've taken some photos comparing it to a Ponzol Gold Anodized "Vintage 105" Tenor mouthpiece in the attempt to provide visual contrast. There are four photos below.
The price on this webpage is for the one customized stainless steel tenor mouthpiece. The gold anodized aluminum tenor sax mouthpiece is for sale HERE. Side rails and tip rails unaltered.

This Ponzol "Vintage" tenor model replaces both his II-V-I and the ML models.
Excellent projection with a solid, meaty core sound.

Bite patch recess filled in flush. Mpc shown HERE with bite patch.

Comes with a customized Otto Link ligature which was reshaped to fit this mouthpiece.
The ligature also has teflon on the bottom of the reed plate.

This price does NOT include shipping.

Feb. 2017 - I have two Ponzol M2 110 Tenor Stainless Steel Tenor Sax mouthpieces for sale.

Ponzol "Vintage 105" SS Customized Tenor Sax Mpc.


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