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McIntyre Clarinet

Serial Number 2078


This clarinet incorporates the McIntyre fingering system.

In order to address the problem of playing over "the break" the McIntyre brothers developed a new mechanism for the soprano clarinet.
The McIntyre system eliminates the traditional Ab and A keys as well as the awkward use of the register vent to sound the Bb.
These notes are now played by the left hand without any displacement of fingers sideways whatsoever, both eliminating issues with the dreaded throat tones and enhancing finger technique at the same time.

With the thumb key open, and the left hand in its normal position, G# is played by the third finger ring (or the upper RH trill key). Add the second finger for the A.
And then add the first finger for Bb. If required by the dictates of the passage, the addition of the register key creates a trill B.


Fingering Chart

This clarinet is made of hard rubber, the same material as high quality mouthpieces. This means that it is dimensionally stable over the years which is an asset in keeping the keyaction in good regulation.

The body is marked "Made in France"

Excellent working condition.

Lovely two-tone vintage case which comes with a locking key.

McIntyre Clarinet


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