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"The Martin Tenor"
Committee III

Serial Number - 195818 - Handcrafted in 1955


Great playing, excellent condition, The Martin Tenor for under $1000!

Original lacquer horn, but with around 50% lacquer coverage.
Keywork crisp and snappy.
Mix of older and newer brown plastic reso pads, all in good condition, sealing well.
Well maintained horn.
Signs of dent work in bottom of bow, but it looks good. Photos HERE and HERE
Comes with original neck with matching serial number. Fits snugly.

Big Martin sound works equally well on screaming R&B or Jazz Ballads.

Bonus: In addition to the original, matching neck; this horn comes with a B&S tenor neck modified to work with the Martin.
The owner was just experimenting with a neck that has a tapered tenon (matching the horn's conical taper) and has no further need of the neck and is consequently including it with the horn.
Photos of this neck are the bottom two rows of the photo section below.

Comes with the vintage case shown.
Interior of the case has been customized to give the Martin a snug fit so it won't roll out of bed and give you nightmares.

Shipping cost not included in price.

"The Martin Tenor" - Committee III

Below are photos of the B&S neck


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