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King Zephyr
Alto Sax
made by H.N. White Company

Serial Number - 315600 - 1950-51

Out On Trial

This is a really nice Zephyr.
Key action is smooth and snappy.
This sax has newer Music Medic white kangaroo hide pads. The tanning process for these pads give them a smooth velvety feeling that make them the least prone to becoming sticky.
A few of the pads have their size (diameter in mm) written on the pads.The pads have flat metal resonators.
It is a relacquered horn. The area around the bell engraving is different in color than the rest of the horn which is darker. it appears the area where the bell engraving is...most of the front of the horn...is bare brass. Fortunately, this is an easy area to polish.
The lacquer is in very good condition elsewhere.

The triple strap ring is a replacment from SaxGourmet. You can see there was lacquer loss around the new strap ring from when it was soldered on and where it was subsequently spot lacquered.

It has the original double socket neck with the matching serial number.

This is a lovely horn with a great vintage sound.
If you show up for a gig with this horn, you won't have to apologize to anyone...at least not for your equipment.
This would be a great step-up horn for someone who is currently playing a student horn. Keyaction is great, well set up and well maintained.
And this would be an affordable way to try out an H. N. White King horn. You really don't want to play a Voll-True or 613 or Cleveland.
The King horns are truly different from the Elkhart horns.

Comes with the items shown:
- Sax
- Neck
- Body End Plug
- Case

The case is a Selmer Vanguard case with a few custom modifications to give this Zephyr a safe and secure haven.

Shipping costs are not included.

King Zephyr Alto


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