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B&S Codera Tenor

No longer available, sorry.

This unique and rare horn was designed for B&S (VEB Blechblas-und-Signalinstrumente-Fabrik) of Germany by Wolf Codera.
I first heard of Wolf's name in relationship to his aftermarket neckstrap ring adapters and synthetic reeds.

The most notable thing about this horn are the "Resoblade" keypans on the low keys. As always, lots of photos here for you to look at (below).
The keypans are mounted on gimbals so that they automatically align with the tonehole rims.
HERE is a small diagram of the Resoblade anatomy. The keyguards are also unique.
And it also has adjustable height left-hand palm key touches for the D key and the High F.
Aaaand, it additionally has the anti-stick G# opening mechanism.

My understanding is that the body tube is that of the respected B&S "2001" model.

In most respects, this instrument is in like-new condition.
It does, however, have a couple of small modifications.

The first modification is the Bb bis fingerpearl (upper stack) is built up to make it easier to reach and consequently more ergonomic.
Here is the photo.

The second modification is to the linkage between the G# and the low B and low C# so that it can be turned off or back on.
The small plate that hangs down from the G# fingertouch was removed and two pins, one for the low B and one for the low C#, were substituted.
HERE is the photo.
The pins are removeable, so that it is an easy matter to remove or restore the pins.

If it is to be shipped out of town, you have a choice of original case (bottom row of photos) or modified Selmer Vanguard case (second row from the bottom).
Shipping costs are not included in the price of the horn.

B&S Codera Tenor




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