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Buescher S-1
400 Model
Top Hat & Cane
Alto Saxophone

Serial Number 358394 - 1955-1960


This horn has a lot of names. It is called "Top Hat and Cane" and it does indeed have a top hat and cane engraved on the bell.
It is also know as an "S-1" which is engraved alongside the serial number.
And finally, the 400 Model number is designated on the G# finger touch.
There is a nice chart on SaxPics.com that lays out a lot of the features of these horns.

The horn is here on my lap and I will just list some of the features as I look the horn over:
-Underslung neck octave key
-Beefy tightening 'mechanism" at neck receiver
-Amber rollers
-Cool and ergonomic octave thumb lever. This one is extended with a removable cork riser.
-Cool neck strap ring and right-hand thumbhook
-Snap-in pads and resos
-Norton screw-in springs
-Double jointed low C#
-Tone Ring under bell rim.
-Lovely engraving with original lacquer
-Left-hand palm keys, hi E, and octave vents have white kangaroo hide pads.
-Original two-tone case. Latch springs still work.
-Some ephemera (paperwork, etc.) from the music shop that assumedly originally sold the horn.

The pads are in great condition, the horn plays well and easily, the keyaction is smooth and crisp.

Included is the horn, neck, lyre, ephemera (paperwork and reeds shown) and case.
Shipping is not included in the price.

King S-1 THC Alto Sax


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